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Spring Grove Elementary Lamar Project TEAM Students

Spring Grove Elementary Lamar Project TEAM Students

Congratulations to the Spring Grove Elementary Lamar Project TEAM students! Throughout the year, students at Spring Grove Elementary who most exemplify the Project TEAM character trait are chosen by their teachers and recognized by the school. Like our Project TEAM character, Lamar, they exemplified great leadership skills!

Kindergarten: Kristopher Baral, Breelyn Beasley, Ella Grace Rassouli, Aria Bains, Parker Thompson, Marissa Laughman, Chandler Ford

First Grade: Wade Keifer, Paisley France, Skye Steckler, Alex Rich, Camden Coats, Everett Tapia, Thomas Sullivan

Second Grade: Elizabeth Bostian, Ryan West, Quinn Yohe, Dustin Besore, Braxton Brady, Alivia Miller, Charli Schaub, Hunter Baugus, Paisley Romero 

Third Grade: Landon Heller, Lily Simpson, Emma Gardner, Maddie Cramer, Allie Wildasin, Ezekiel Trott

Fourth Grade: Ava Cregger, Aiden Hess, Eden Finn, Valeria Magana-Vergara, Layton Innerst, Lucas Linn, Makayla Casseday


About Project TEAM

Our teachers, K - 6, use Project TEAM to help students understand the value and significance of teamwork and leadership and create a positive school climate, bringing everyone in the school together to work toward common goals. This, in turn, creates a sense of belonging and an accepting community, making for a more productive social and academic environment. 

Meet the Project TEAM Character, Lamar - Leadership

Leadership can be explained as the combination of all of the other foundations. By Helping Others, using Positive Change, promoting anti-bullying, using good problem solving, and showing resiliency students are demonstrating leadership. Leadership also stresses that all students can be a leader in their own way. Everyone brings a different and unique strength to the TEAM and they are all important. Not only does a leader set a good example for others but they promote others to be part of the TEAM by encouraging the foundations.